My name is Keri Ocean.

Welcome to my studio.

Welcome to Keriocean Studio, Where dreams come to life and creativity thrives. I'm Keri Ocean, a passionate doer, dreamer, and maker of all things extraordinary. From books to music videos, fabric art to websites, and everything in between, I pour my heart and soul into each creation, sharing my artistic vision with you.

Creating has always been a part of my DNA, With a lineage of makers that inspires me each day. Since my teenage years, I've been crafting and painting, Expressing my artistry through custom t-shirts, never ceasing.

In my 20s, alongside my partner and now husband, We founded The One World Drum Co., a creative wonderland. But the true magic lies in the process of bringing ideas to life, fueling my drive to continually create and thrive.

Motivation and creation know no bounds, They fuel my existence, where endless possibilities can be found. I choose to embrace the present and seize every adventure, For life is meant to be lived, not just a waiting venture.

Join me on this incredible journey of artistry and wonder, As we explore new realms and connections to ponder. Thank you for visiting my studio, dear friend, Let's embark on this creative odyssey that has no end.

Christmas in the Creek 

I will be at the Christmas in the Creek Fair in Bragg Creek November 18 - 20 2022,  Friday 5:00 - 9:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm.  I will have books, poppet pillows and baskets.  I will be sharing a booth with my mom who has the most amazing pottery and a new line of pots that she is calling "Painting with Fire".  Please stop on by and say hello.  Plus you can get an early start on your Christmas shopping and with over 50 vendors you may even get that list totally checked off.

Getting Books into local businesses 

So we are in the process of trying to get the Garden Planner - Journal & Log into local Garden Centres.  I have heard back from one in Canmore and I am waiting to hear back from 3 in Calgary.  I have books on order as I wait to hear back from them.  The Canmore Garden Centre is The Bow Valley Garden Centre . If you are in the Bow Valley check out this local business supporting a local woman.