Drum Residency

 The One World Drum Co. is committed to sharing the rich and incredible culture of West African drumming with students of all ages. Whether you are a preschool or a graduate university, we offer age-appropriate programming that will engage your students and expands their cultural awareness in a fun and enlivening way.

We can provide half day, day, week-long, month-long and even semester-long residencies. We will work with you to ensure your residency supports your school pedagogy, curriculum  and community atmosphere.
David was amazing with the kids. He not only kept them extremely engaged with different types of drumming, but he also was excellent with any management issues. He adjusted his teaching to fit with each developmental level and ensured that they all played with confidence. How fun to introduce a “secret code!"”

— Collingwood School

About Us:
The One World Drum Co. was started as a partnership in 1993 by Roger Duncan & Keri Rodger. The vision was to bring African drumming to all aspects of our lives. It was with a desire to create community using the drum we started offering classes for children and adults, whether in a private, public or business setting. The drum is our platform to create a multitude of themes and mandates. We have a passionate staff of 8 that are using the drum to create change in the community on both a global and local level.

The art of drumming improves our understanding of the arts, mathematics,language, social interaction & personhood. Drumming simultaneously feeds mind, body & spirit.
 One World Drum Co. is a professional music school offering classes for all ages, genders, abilities with the intent that one rhythm at a time we can change the world.
To use the drum as a social medium that connects our lives on a global and local level; bringing about global unity, understanding and respect.
Celebrating diversity and cultural understanding through the power and unity of the drum.
Operating with a strong organizational structure that ensures the company's artistic stability.
Public & Private School Offerings:
One World Drum Co. is a firm supporter for music education for all students. Roger Duncan has created a teaching program to creatively teach students about the Alberta curriculum and globalization through the use of world music.
One World has created school residencies in over 1000 schools in the last 20+ years


The One World Drummers are available to perform at your school!