Drum Circles & Your Community

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Drumming is for everyone.  Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of the drum and the synergetic relationship that is created when the individual, the group and the rhythm all come together to become one.  In this drum circle we will take you on a guided journey of music making with drums, bells, shakers, voice and body.  The beat of the drum has positive impacts on your overall health, your stress and your happiness.  In any drum circle feel sudden outburst of joy, happiness, energy, creativity and so much more.  This isn't your typical circle.  This is a musical collaboration of all the players no matter what their level or instrument of choice. Join Roger Duncan of The One World Drum Co. from Calgary on this musical sojourn.  No experience required and all instruments provided.
what an amazing time we all had tonight! Everyone was buzzing after and equally exhausted from all the playing and laughing. Roger truly made this an experience to remember. His passion and enthusiasm was contagious. As the owners, we really appreciated the way he was getting across the messages about vision, strategy, cohesiveness, buy-in, the collective consciousness and so much more. Thanks again!”

— Peace of Mind Massage 2016