Keriocean Studio Heart Project


In a world that often feels dark and uncertain, I wanted to bring a glimmer of light, a small beacon of hope. And so, the heart project was born. Handmade with care, these little hearts hold more than just their threads and colors. They carry the message that someone out there cares, that even in the midst of the unknown, there's a bond of shared humanity that connects us all.

As I journey through life's labyrinth, I've chosen to sprinkle these heartfelt treasures along my path, a trail of anonymous kindness. They're left in unexpected places, waiting to be discovered. Imagine the surprise of a stranger finding one – maybe on a park bench, a library shelf, or a coffee shop table. A tiny heart, a message, a connection.

It's incredible how something so simple – a handmade heart – can hold so much power. A power to uplift, to reassure, to restore faith. These hearts travel from one person to another, spreading love like ripples in a pond. And the magic happens when that person, touched by this unexpected kindness, decides to pay it forward.

Imagine a world where this cycle of caring never ends. Where a single act of crafting and leaving a heart sets off a chain reaction of positivity. So, I invite you to join in. Let's light up the darkness together. Craft a heart, leave it in a place where a stranger might find it, and let that small act remind them that they matter. Together, we can turn the world into a canvas painted with kindness.

The heart project #LoveTreasureUnveiled – because even the tiniest spark of love can chase away the shadows. Let's make the world a little brighter, one heart at a time. I'm leaving these hearts in places I've been, anonymously, and maybe, just maybe, they'll find their way to you.

Join the fun. Instructions and templates to download.

Heartfelt treasure found, Loves measure, endless and true. Share, spread joy around. #LoveTreasureUnveiled” - Keriocean