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Oral Traditions                                                page 3
Drumming as a Language                           page 3
Posture                                                             page 5
Lesson 1                                                          page 6
Lesson 2                                                          page 11
Lesson 3                                                          page 12
Lesson 4                                                          page 14
Lesson 5                                                          page 17
Djembe Care                                                   page 21
Tuning your Djembe                                       page 24                                  
References                                                       page 25
CD Tracks at a glance                                    page 29
Songs                                                                page 30
Glossary                                                            page 35
Suggested Reading                                        page 38
West African Recipe                                        page 39
Bibliography                                                      page 40

Sample from Downloadable Book

Hand Drums can be used to give students a fun, real life experience of many of the curriculum concepts that they encounter in the classroom. Subjects such as pattern identification, math, language and communication, hearing and sound, and cultural studies can be demonstrated with the drum and the ensemble experience. As well social skills such as listening, cooperation and respect, leadership and responsibility are also essential elements to a successful ensemble or drum circle. The music does not lie. If we are listening well, leaving space for others and communicating our parts clearly, the music sounds great…if we are not…well?


Free Downloadable Drum Files

Simple Djembe Patterns Simple patterns that can be used to create rhythm. 221 KB
Drum Care How to care for your drum and it's natural skin. 167 KB
Drum Tuning Diagram How to tune your drum. 197 KB