drumming and adaptogens

drumming and adaptogens
improving mind, body & spirit one drum beat at a time...
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So I have been working on a few personal growth elements in my life.  While on this journey I was looking into "adaptogen's" in food.  Have you ever heard of these before.  An adaptogen is a "new class of metabolic regulators (of a natural origin) which increase the ability of an organism to adapt to environmental factors and to avoid damage from such factors."  And then it hit me, drumming is an adaptogen.  You can walk into a class or circle and feel frazzled and you will walk out peaceful or you can walk into the class or circle exhausted and it energizes you.  Drumming gives your body the exact thing it needs.  So come on out and get your dose of adaptogens.
Introduction to Djembe
Come learn to drum and experience the many benefits drumming has to offer you.  We will learn to play clear basic djembe tones, play beginner West African traditional and non traditional rhythms.  Even though this is a beginners class, everything taught here will make you a better drummer, even if you have previous experience. The djembe is quite possibly one of the most versatile instruments around. The act of drumming itself transcends cultures, ethnicity, and age. Each session is 6 weeks long, 1 hour per week.  Location is in the SW and complete address is given to those registered. $100.00 Starting May 3. 
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West African Open Level
This class learns a variety of Traditional West African rhythms and songs, solo phrases to accompany the rhythms, and exercises to practice to improve and advance your skill level and comfort with playing djembe! Learning proper hand technique improves your pronunciation of this "drum language" and allows for more eloquent expression and communication through your drum! Very supportive and friendly circle of players and lots of fun for beginners and those already on the drummer's path! ch session is 6 weeks long, 1.5  hours per week.  Location is in the SW and complete address is given to those registered. $130.00 Starting May 3.
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Drum Circles are BACK!!!

Join Roger Duncan and the OWD House Band for your sudden outburst of joy, happiness, energy, creativity and so much more.  This isn't your typical circle.  This is a musical collaboration of all the players no matter what their level or instrument of choice.   Drums supplied and no experience necessary!  May 6.
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